The Your Nonprofit Life podcast is dedicated to the folks who are working hard to have a positive impact in their communities and heal the world.

Join me, Laura Zielke, each week to learn from both staff and board members of not-for-profit organizations. Even if my guest’s mission is completely different than yours, you’ll be encouraged by their grit, vulnerability, authenticity, and generosity.

When you listen, you will feel less alone in your work, and you will be inspired to take your nonprofit from messy to thriving without burning out in the process.

Season {2} Episode {16}: Dionne Powlenzuk

No Starving Artists

SEASON 2 EPISODE 16: In this interview, Dionne and I talk about how she started volunteering at the organization she now leads, and what that journey has been like. We also explore the various…
Season {2} Episode {13}: LeAnn Porter

Loving Bottoms, Changing Minds

SEASON 2 EPISODE 13: My guest is LeeAnn Porter, the founder and Executive Director of Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank in Galesburg, Illinois. If you listen to the whole episode, you’ll hear about the most creative…
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