The Your Nonprofit Life podcast is dedicated to the folks who are working hard to have a positive impact in their communities and heal the world.

Join me, Laura Zielke, each week to learn from both staff and board members of not-for-profit organizations. Even if my guestโ€™s mission is completely different than yours, youโ€™ll be encouraged by their grit, vulnerability, authenticity, and generosity.

When you listen, you will feel less alone in your work, and you will be inspired to take your nonprofit from messy to thriving without burning out in the process.

Episode 20: Terence Narcisse

Living & Leaving a Legacy

EPISODE 20: Life in an unincorporated town can be difficult, especially when emergency relief funds are needed after natural disasters. Learn what one man is doing to make sure his community is not left…

Building Relationships thru Volunteering

๐Ÿณโ€๐ŸŒˆ EPISODE 16: Anne Friedman began volunteering with Gay for Good while she was working full-time at a nonprofit foundation; however, after a tragic event, Anne found herself re-evaluating her priorities and what happened…