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Episode {34}: Jean Rosenbaum

Whether from natural causes, tragedy, or the pandemic, most of us know know someone who has suffered loss this year. In the same vein, it’s also possible that you know someone who is nearing the end of life and hospice has been called in to help with nursing care, medications, and other medical needs related to a terminal illness.

Today’s guest today is passionate about honoring hospice patients in very practical and tangible ways at the end of their lives.

Meet Jean Rosenbaum, the founder and Executive Director of Gifted Wishes located in Oregon but serving hospice patients throughout the United States. In this episode, Jean shares how her nonprofit was birthed out of her own personal health crisis and a desire to serve those on the cusp of eternity.

Whether a precious one year old or someone who is 100 years strong, Jean’s organization is ready to enhance end of life care with “gifted wishes” which could range from purchasing basic equipment to cords of wood or providing a wonderful meal with a longtime friend who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to say goodbye. Jean’s mission will touch your heart, and her enthusiasm for life will inspire you to set strong boundaries and get clear on the things that matter most.

Remember, nonprofit leadership is about more than the mission itself. It’s about making sure you’re here for the long haul so you can move your mission forward without burning out. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Jean Rosenbaum who might just be the only nonprofit founder you know who took a selfie in the trunk of her Tesla.

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Episode 34: Jean Rosenbaum

About Jean Rosenbaum

Jean Rosenbaum is the founder and executive director of Gifted Wishes, a 10 year old nonprofit that funds last wishes for hospice patients in need.

Episode {34}: Jean Rosenbaum
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A Portland Oregon native, Jean graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature from Boston University, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She has over 40 years of experience in medical PR and marketing, advertising and commercial photography, management, and non-profit leadership and board development. In addition to founding and growing three successful companies, Jean was Public Relations Director at Holladay Park Hospital, then Business Development and PR Consultant and finally Director of Marketing for Signature Hospice.

The foundation to grant wishes was started at Signature Hospice, where Jean joined its Board of directors, and also helped fill many of the Board positions. In her role as Marketing Director, Jean met with patients signing on to hospice and followed them through to their passing. She witnessed firsthand the many hospice patients who could not afford simple wishes from basic needs to bucket list items, that would bring a huge measure of happiness to their last days.

Episode {34}: Jean Rosenbaum
Jean In Her Tesla

Ultimately, Jean incorporated the Pacific Northwest Hospice Foundation in 2010 as a community charity to meet last wishes of hospice patients in the Pacific Northwest. In 2017, she helped spearhead a rebranding effort to expand the foundation to a national audience and to rename it Gifted Wishes.

In addition to her foundation work, Jean was a commercial photographer, having taken photos for over 50 years. She created a commercial photography and full- service advertising business in the mid 80’s, but more recently has been focusing on fine art photography. Her work has been in 18 shows, 13 of which were international exhibitions. Through the years, she has received many awards for her work.

Having always loved cars, Jean converted that love into helping others obtain cars with a minimum of stress. She started her auto broker business over 28 years ago. She still maintains her license and bond and helps return customers who enjoy working with her and having the hassle eliminated from buying a new car.

With all these interests, Jean still carves out time to work in her sizeable yard and to shower affection on her pet Chihuahuas.

Episode {34}: Jean Rosenbaum

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