From Mourning Moments to Walking With Widows

Episode {33}: Marina Mitchell

This month, we are honoring nonprofit leaders and organizations who serve people during some of the most emotionally tender times of their lives. Whether due to natural causes, tragedy, or the pandemic, I’m sure we all know someone who has suffered loss this year.

And one of the most significant losses a person can experience is the loss of a spouse, and sometimes when you’re the close friend of a widow, you swoop in to help in the short term… but how do you continue to support your friend over the long haul?

Sadly, what happens with many of us is that we don’t know what to NOT say, and so rather than say or do the wrong things, we say nothing. We back off. We give space. But is the space helpful? Is it best if we don’t mention the name of the spouse when we’re together?

Rather than google the answer to this, how about I introduce you to my guest on today’s episode. Marina Mitchell is the founder and executive director of Sacred Share, an organization created to assist the burdens of our sisters and girlfriends grieving the loss of their spouse and share with others the treasure that is walking alongside these widows in their pain.

Marina comes from a humble background. Her parents were entrepreneurs and raised her and her siblings in Northern Northern California. You could say her life was sheltered, but after visiting one of her relatives in another country, Marina realized anything was possible! Listen to Marina’s journey into the nonprofit sector and be inspired by this woman who learned how to walk with widows and now spends her life helping other women strengthen relationships after the death of a friend’s spouse.

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Episode 33: Marina Mitchell

About Marina Mitchell

Episode {33}: Marina Mitchell
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As founder/CEO of Sacred Share, Marina oversees overall strategic and operational responsibility for the organization’s program and vision, as well as execution and expansion of its mission. Her only sister was widowed in 2016.

Episode {33}: Marina Mitchell
Mitchell Tribe

Marina is wife to an adventure-seeking man and mother to five daughters. She can be found browsing the local Half Price Bookstore or dancing down the aisles at HEB attempting to embarrass her daughters. (It usually works)

Although she is a northern California native, she resides in Austin, TX with her husband, daughters and their ShihTzu named Valentino.

Episode {33}: Marina Mitchell

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