Loving-Kindness for Survivors of the Unimaginable.

Episode 11 Amy Bradley

This episode includes discussions about complex trauma. While we don’t get into specifics, we do explore how sustained, severe childhood abuse impacts the brain and what is being done to support survivors. Listener discretion advised. 

Every time I talk with Amy Bradley, I hear about some new program she’s developed or a new plan she’s created to help bring love and healing to people who’ve survived the unimaginable. I had the opportunity to meet Amy in person (we both live in North Carolina) earlier this year before the pandemic hit. Her passion for the people she serves is palpable.

Even though she founded Hesed Place only a few years ago, Amy has already received national attention for her trauma-informed Town-Within-A-Town™ model. She is a visionary leader whose passion for hurting people has resulted in training numerous community partners how to provide trauma-informed care. 

Although we start out talking about coffee, Carolina Pottery mugs, and Tanzanian art, our main conversation revolves around Amy’s decision to found a nonprofit organization and develop a unique model for helping survivors of complex trauma — one could be replicated nationwide. I can’t wait for you to meet Amy Bradley, the founder and executive Director of Hesed Place in New Bern, North Carolina. 

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About Amy Bradley

Amy Bradley

Amy Bradley earned her B.S. in Psychology and Occupational Therapy from College of Charleston and Medical University of South Carolina. A native Charlestonian, she has lived on the beautiful southern coast of New Bern, North Carolina since 2003.

Episode 11 - Amy Bradley
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Amy is the Founder and Executive Director of Hesed Place, a nonprofit organization focused on providing progressive growth-related resources and multifaceted Trauma-Informed Care to adults who have been severely abused.

Amy’s heart is most fulfilled as she sits alongside complex trauma survivors in session, counseling them through the process of healing and growth. Her Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-A-Town™ model activates the important concept of community support throughout the healing journey. She finds great joy in the love of her family, friends, and beloved horse and dog. The beach is her most restful setting and her faith brings her the greatest peace.

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  • Gino DeMaio
    Posted June 1, 2020 1:37 pm 0Likes

    Really outstanding conversation on Truma informed care. I love the creative approach they have developed to integrate such a needed service in their community.

    Well done Amy!

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