Providing Hope for LGBTQ+ Teens

Episode 14 - Leo Preziosi, Jr. "Providing Hope to LGBTQ+ Teens"

🏳‍🌈 It’s PRIDE month and this episode’s guest is Leo Preziosi Jr. the Founder and Executive Director of Live Out Loud!

Live Out Loud—in partnership with families, schools, and communities—provides LGBTQ+ youth with resources, role models, and opportunities to help them discover their own voice and become leaders of change.

By providing youth with opportunities to interact with adults who understand the realities of living openly as a member of the LGBTQ community, Live Out Loud helps young people to achieve academic success, healthy relationships, rewarding careers, and a fulfilling life.

Live Out Loud! forges these crucial connections through innovative, hands-on initiatives that include: bringing positive LGBTQ role models into classrooms and schools; bringing LGBTQ youth into workplaces to meet LGBTQ professionals from all walks of life; and providing financial and mentoring support to young scholars and leaders.

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Leo says he discovered his life’s mission completely by accident; however, I’m not so sure about that. After you hear his story, I think you’ll agree with me that it was no accident. When the time was right, Leo’s purpose was unveiled with such force and clarity that he stopped his search for the “next thing” and instead, he created it.

My hope for this episode? That you will listen with an open heart and mind. That you will walk away not only more educated about the work being done to bring hope to LGBTQ+ teens in New York, but also more attuned to the “accidents” in your own life which could be setting you up for the start of your own nonprofit adventure.

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About Leo Preziosi, Jr.

Founded on the East Coast by Leo Preziosi, Jr., this non-profit organization is built on a singular premise — to inspire Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender youth to live proud. The inspiration came from a Metro Source article titled, “The Gun in the Closet,” which talked about two high school students who committed suicide because of societal bullying. Knowing what had to be done, Preziosi dedicated himself to helping young adults connect to role models and leaders in the community.

Live Out Loud!

Many years later, 19 and still counting, Live Out Loud continues to bring innovative programming throughout the tri-state area, and to inspire and lead by example.

Leo Preziosi, Jr.
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Since its inception, Live Out Loud has had the opportunity to bring over thousands of LGBT role models to NY tri-state area high schools and universities, involving renowned panelists from every walk of life. From spiritual leaders to fashion designers to corporate powerhouse and grass-roots activists, Live Out Loud speakers have touched thousands of lives.

In his former incarnation, Leo Preziosi, Jr. was a Fashion Designer working for a number of apparel companies including Gloria Sachs and Banana Republic. In 1990, he began his volunteerism by aligning with DIFFA, the Design Industry Foundation for AIDS in event production. This led to an opportunity at Felissimo, a specialty lifestyle retailer, where he repositioned the tearoom and joined the marketing team collaborating with numerous organizations including the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, The United Nations, and The Rain Forest Foundation.

He is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Textile Production Management and an A.A.S. in Fashion Design.

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