Quality Journalism by LGBTQ+ Youth

Quality Journalism by LGBTQ+ Youth

Imagine youโ€™re a parent with a kid who is totally into figuring out how things work and is fascinated with radiosโ€ฆ and imagine that you found an affordable starter-kit that would allow your child to create a radio station which could literally broadcast a show to radios within a one block radius. Would you buy it for them? Would it keep their interest past the unboxing? Past elementary school? Or would it be something that ends up in next yearโ€™s yard sale next to a too small pair of soccer cleats?ย 

Well, the parents of todayโ€™s guest took the plunge and in 1968, they gave their son a radio station kit, and at the age of 10, he started a radio station that eventually became WDFH.

๐Ÿณโ€๐ŸŒˆ We’re still celebrating PRIDE, and today’s guest, Marc Sophos, is the is the founder, Executive Director, and Board Chair of MFPG: Media for the Public Good and the Executive Producer of OutCasting – public radioโ€™s LGBTQ youth program. 

OutCasting, OutCasting Overtime, and the OutCasting Ga[y]me Show are public radio’s LGBTQ youth programs and podcasts, produced by teenagers and young adults.  The programs cover LGBTQ and queer topics, including transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, non-binary, and other gender and sexuality identities and issues pertaining to them, with particular emphasis on their effects on young people.

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About Marc Sophos

Marc Sophos
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Marc Sophos is the founder, Executive Director, and Board Chair of MFPG and the Executive Producer of OutCasting.  He founded and led MFPG’s previous incarnation as WDFH FM 90.3 Westchester Public Radio through an effort that spanned decades.  He was the Executive Director, Program Director, and Chief Engineer of WDFH.  He was also the founder and chairman of Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc., the nonprofit corporation that owned and operated WDFH. Read more.


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