Strong Leadership. Fragile X.

Have you ever heard of Fragile X? Not a “fragile” ex-husband, ex-wife, or ex-partner. Not that kind of ex. But Fragile X, as in the chromosome X. 

Do you remember learning about X and Y chromosomes in your high school Biology class? Well, dust off your memories of the blue eyes/brown eyes chart because we’re going to learn a little bit about a rare mutation in the X chromosome which results in a disorder known as Fragile X. 

July is Fragile X Awareness Month, and my guest is the Executive Director of the National Fragile X Foundation, Linda Sorensen.

In this episode, Linda shares how she first learned about Fragile X Syndrome through one of her husband’s coworkers, and how one of her book club buddies recommended her for a development position at the Foundation. 

In addition to learning about the disease, we also discuss the challenges Linda faced working under three different—very different—Executive Directors while at the same time working on her own leadership skills.

Although Linda didn’t set out to become an Executive Director, guess what? The board noticed her awesomeness and passion for the cause, and when the position opened up for the fourth time… Well, I’ll let her tell you what happened next.

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About Linda Sorensen

Linda Sorensen

Linda Sorensen has been a member of the NFXF team since 2004 and currently serves as the Executive Director. She has over twenty-five years of experience in non-profit programs, operations management, board and volunteer development. As the leader of the NFXF, she relishes the opportunity to help her teammates shine professionally.

Linda Sorensen
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Linda holds a BA degree in Psychology and a MS degree in Adult Education and Organizational Development. She greatly enjoys serving the Fragile X community and the successes and challenges of helping lead the NFXF forward.

She loves the company of family and friends and enjoys her recent passion for golf along with entertaining, traveling and reading great books.

National Fragile X Foundation

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