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Episode 20: Terence Narcisse

Terence Narcisse is 30 years old and he’s already raised millions of dollars to impact his local community in East Harris County, Texas. Terence is a servant leader. He’s a visionary. He’s a man on a mission. He’s an incredible change agent in his local community.

As the founder and Executive Director of East Harris County Empowerment Council, Terence is absolutely committed to the success of students in this unincorporated area outside of Houston proper. 

He founded the organization 12 years ago, and he spends his days now writing grants and finding ways to serve all the residents of East Harris County in every way possible, especially during this pandemic. 

In this episode, we talked about what life is like in an unincorporated town and who advocates for them during a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey or a global pandemic like COVID-19. We talked about the tragic event that sparked his desire to leave a legacy, and why it’s important to leave a legacy in your own community. 

You’ll be inspired and encouraged by this conversation, because Terence is a man who is not only changing his own community—now and for generations to come—he’s also helping to heal the world.

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About Terence Narcisse

Episode 20: Terence Narcisse

At the age of 18, Terence established the East Harris County Empowerment Council (EHCEC). His dream was to bring much-needed resources to youth and families of East Harris County. While being a full-time student, he began reaching out and collaborating with numerous organizations and individuals. As a result of this effort, he was able to secure funding and resources for EHCEC and other agencies.

Upon graduation, he committed to working his vision full time. As Executive Director of EHCEC, he oversees the day-to-day operations and administration of all programs. He is committed and passionate about being involved in the programs and events offered by EHCEC. He is a community advocate and leader, working alongside various agencies and organizations around the Greater East Harris County community.

Episode 20: Terence Narcisse
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He graduated with honors and holds a degree in Political Science, Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. Terence also holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Finance and Accounting from Rice University. He recently obtained a Master’s of Business Administration at Houston Baptist University. He is also one of thirty-five business students to receive the 2017 Future Business Legends Scholarship from the Texas Business Hall of Fame.

In addition to his work at EHCEC, Terence is a consultant, presenter, public speaker and serves on various advisory committees. He continues to inspire people everywhere with his message of power, purpose, and passion. Terence resides in Humble, TX and enjoys sharing his lived experiences and volunteering for various causes.

Terence was also featured on NBC News as part of coverage for “NBC News Learn Presents: Education Now Houston.”

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