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Episode 21 - Arissa Palmer

 August is World Breastfeeding Month.

This podcast is for everyone: Moms, dads, partners, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and friends. Did I leave anyone out? If I did, it was unintentional, I promise. EVERYONE who knows a person of color who is pregnant or may become pregnant soon or is in the delivery room right now needs to hear what my guest has to say about the importance of breastfeeding–but not just the importance of the act itself, the importance of making sure you have the opportunity to breastfeed. What? 

If we are interested in becoming a more equitable society, then we need to understand the impact hidden biases have on newborns and their ability to bond or attach with the person breastfeeding them.

In this episode, Arissa Palmer, Executive Director of BreastfeedLA, shares important information about what’s being done to advocate for people of color to be given the same opportunity to breastfeed as the majority population, and not only that, but also information about the racial disparity in the field of certified lactation specialists and what’s being done to combat it. And if you listen to the end, you’ll learn about a wonderful opportunity to sponsor a person of color to earn their certification and a generous match to make any donations go farther. 

So, buckle up because this is a fast moving conversation with the one and only Arissa Palmer. 

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About Arissa Palmer

Episode 21 - Arissa Palmer

Arissa Palmer joined the staff of BreastfeedLA as the Executive Director in
July 2015. Arissa came to BreastfeedLA with over 18 years of non-profit
experience addressing various community health concerns.

Photo of Arissa Palmer
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Since 2009 she has been with the University of Phoenix as faculty teaching numerous public health courses. Prior to working for University of Phoenix,
she served as the Outreach Education Director for a federally qualified health center in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley.

Arissa’s responsibilities included providing transformational leadership and strategic direction for the outreach and education department; developing functional trainings, leadership coaching and development, grant writing and
fundraising for the organization.

Prior to her efforts at the clinic, she worked as the Development Director for
an HIV Service Organization in Santa Monica, and many years at the
Baltimore City Health Department in various leadership roles. Arissa holds
a Master’s Degree in Health Science with an emphasis in Community
Health from Towson University.


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