Crushing Hunger thru Creative Collaboration

Episode 22 - Robin Peacock

September is Hunger Action Month.

Millions of families are facing hunger – many for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The myth of what life is like in a quote/unquote “first-world” country has been busted. We may have a democracy, but the standard of living across our nation varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, and many of our neighbors are going hungry. 

I’m thrilled to have you here today, because this episode and the next one feature a couple of the most compassionate, brilliant, and capable leaders I’ve met. Each woman has innovated creatively to help feed more people, and the focus on efficiency will astonish and impress you. 

So, my guest in this episode is Robin Peacock, the Executive Director of MEND New Jersey. MEND is an acronym which stands for “Meeting Essential Needs with Dignity.” I had the pleasure of meeting Robin in person last year when I visited Joan and the team up in Montclair, New Jersey, and I got to see her in action. (See video of my visit below.)

Robin has her finger on the pulse of hunger in her local community, and she has built relationships with more than 20 food pantries…and she’s just getting started. 

Our conversation is packed. We talk about what it takes to make sure that food pantries have what they need—even when it’s not food! We talk about how they use an old school bus to raise awareness about food insecurity around town. We talk about the incredible collaborative network of pantries she’s pulled together to have a more substantial impact in the community.

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About Robin Peacock

Episode 22 - Robin Peacock
Robin and Dan Peacock ready to unload produce from the Sweet Pea on their 21st wedding anniversary!🥕💕🥰

Robin became MEND’s first Executive Director in January 2018, after working as MEND’s Grants & Special Projects Consultant for two years. 

Episode 22: Robin Peacock
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Before joining the nonprofit sector, Robin worked for nearly 15 years as a tax attorney for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel and Deloitte Tax LLP. 

Robin has a long history of community engagement and leadership, having served as a Board member and volunteer for several non-profits in Essex County, New Jersey.

Robin recently completed the Victoria Emerging Leaders Program offered through the Institute of Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School. 

Episode 22 - Robin Peacock

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