Engineering Equity in Food Distribution

Episode 23: Jen Nelson

September is Hunger Action Month.

Millions of families are facing hunger – many for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The myth of what life is like in a quote/unquote “first-world” country has been busted. We may have a democracy, but the standard of living across our nation varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, and many of our neighbors are going hungry. 

September is Hunger Action Month, and today is our second episode focusing on innovative ways small nonprofits are making a big difference for the food insecure.

I just finished interviewing one of the brightest women I’ve ever met. Seriously. She was a chemical engineer at a nuclear power plant! And I can’t wait to put her in front of you. She’s a powerhouse who has followed her own unique path into corporate America, entrepreneurship and eventually into the nonprofit sector. 

Meet Jen Nelson, the Senior Vice President of Do Good Auto Coalition—a brand new nonprofit that was started earlier this year (2020) by entrepreneur Diana Lee in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Diana immediately recognized Jen’s passion for helping people, and she knew that if given the opportunity, Jen would create something truly amazing that would bring equity to food distribution in their local community. And the exciting news is this:  What they’re now able to accomplish at Do Good Auto Coalition is something that can be replicated in cities across the world. It’s revolutionary. 

Today we’re looking at the direct connection between local food pantries, the logistical nightmare it can be to transport food from the donor to the pantry, and one woman’s mission to optimize the entire process while ensuring equity in distribution.

On a more personal level, I’m grateful for Jen’s vulnerability in this interview. I was shocked at what someone said to her following her first promotion at the nuclear power plant. She’s put up with a lot over the years, and now that she’s at Do Good Auto Coalition, she’s stretching her beautiful wings and showing us what it’s like to be a “brainiac” nonprofit leader with a passion for equity in food distribution across the entire sector. 

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About Jen Nelson

Jen and daughter Olivia
Jen Nelson brought her daughter Olivia to help the DGAC deliver 10,000 lbs of food to Newark community families.

Jen comes to Do Good Auto Coalition with a varied background in public utilities, insurance and financial services, marketing and more recently as an operations director in a non-profit social-service agency.

Episode 23: Jen Nelson
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Jen’s engineering background allows her to bring her problem-solving skills to DGAC. Jen is passionate about the mission of DGAC.

She is committed to using her diverse experience to grow our volunteer base, streamline operations and help nonprofits everywhere use technology and data to advance their missions.

When Jen is not at work, you’ll find her at home with her husband and three young children. Jen enjoys reading, live music and volunteers as a Girl Scout troop leader.

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