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Episode 26: Helen Perry

This episode marks the start of an important and timely series which will enlighten you to whatโ€™s happening in our country from some of the most informed sources I know: the nonprofit leaders who are in the trenches doing the work. The interviews are riveting. 

My first guest in this series, is Helen Perry, the Executive Director of Global Response Management. GRM delivers emergency medical care and humanitarian relief to vulnerable people in the most high-risk areas.

This is the video mentioned in this episode.

While Helenโ€™s team is typically responding to crises in the Middle East in countries like Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, over the past couple of years, theyโ€™ve been serving closer to home: across the border in Matamoros, Mexico. 

Helen is a fearless leader who has taken this incredible organization from the brink of extinction to a place of thriving and growth in less than two years. Iโ€™m beyond excited to introduce you to a powerful leader and a very pregnant woman, Helen Perry. 

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About Helen Perry

Helen Perry in Matamoros, Mexico
Helen Perry standing outside the GRM trailer in Matamoros, Mexico

Helen Perry spent 5 years on active duty serving as a Nurse in the U.S Army. While serving, Helen worked in a variety of roles including MEDEVAC, Trauma, Emergency, Critical Care and Medical/Surgical Nursing.

After her husband was injured in Afghanistan with the U.S Marines, Helen chose to leave active service to pursue graduate education as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner at Georgetown University. While completing school Helen served in the 345th Combat Support Hospital, and simultaneously served as an Elizabeth Dole Foundation Congressional Fellow advocating for wounded, ill and injured service members and their caregivers.

Episode 26 - Helen Perry
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Helen initially began working with GRM in 2017, helping in Mosul, Iraq. In 2018, she went to Bangladesh to support and help provide remote medical support to austere areas of Bangladesh and the Rohingya refugees located in Cox Bazar. Helen joined the board of directors in 2018 and was appointed the Executive Director in 2019. She continues to work in areas like the Bahamas, Mexico and wherever she is needed.

Helen has spoken at numerous conferences for medical and military personnel and continues to advocate for wounded, ill and injured service members. She continues to serve in the Army Reserves.

Global Response Management

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