When Educating Voters Is Meaningful Work

Episode 28 - Stephanie Doute

This is the third of our series of four podcasts which are educating us about a variety of hot-button issues including the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, the shrinking resources available to refugees who were invited to resettle here in America, and what’s being done to support the most marginalized in Washington D.C.

In one of the most powerful interviews recorded thus far, you’re going to meet a woman who spends every day advocating to protect voter rights. Please carve out time to really listen to this, because it’s not only informative, it’s riveting.

Episode 28 - Stephanie Doute
Stephanie getting out the vote on her long board.

You’re going to love today’s guest. She figured out who she was early and moved across the country to find a place she could thrive. Nonprofit leadership was not really part of the plan…but also, she didn’t have a plan. She knew what she didn’t want and that was enough.

But as is often the case, her steps were directed toward the nonprofit sector, and now she’s the leader of a nonpartisan organization fighting to protect the voting rights of all Californians.

Stephanie Doute is the Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of California, based in Sacramento…and FYI, their work is not exclusively about women.

In this episode you’ll learn how this 100-year-old organization was founded by women who fought hard for the 19th amendment granting white women the right to vote, and how over the past century they have advocated for voter rights and provided nonpartisan voter education for everyone.

You’ll also hear Stephanie’s nonprofit leadership story—and it’s a doozy. I (Laura) watched her navigate her father’s sudden illness and death with the grace few of us would have when being faced with an incredible lack of compassion.

And instead of giving up, she regrouped, got really clear on what matters, and is now serving in a place where she is doing meaningful work with an organization who appreciates her passion and dedication.

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About Stephanie Doute

Episode 28 - Stephanie Doute
Stephanie about to go for a run with her adorable twin girls.

Stephanie Doute, CAE is the Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of California. She has spent her entire career in associations and non-profits. She is an alumna of the American Society of Association Executives Diversity Executive Leadership Program, and alumna of Leadership California, and was recognized by the Association Forum in their “40 Under 40” list of non-profit leaders. She is passionate about leaving the world better than we found it, and fighting injustice and inequality in all of its forms.

Episode 28 - Stephanie Doute
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Stephanie discovered her passion for activism and equity when she was in college. After coming out of the closet, she began to understand firsthand what it is like to have your rights and humanity debated in the public eye as if those things are just ideas.

She was active in college in creating visibility and safe spaces for LGBTQI+ students, as well as in city politics – speaking at City Council meetings on housing and job discrimination. Later in life, after she migrated to the west coast, Stephanie served on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, because she also believes strongly in service to one’s community. Stephanie is a democracy nerd and can talk to you endlessly about the value of citizen participation in voting, government and creating the world we want to live in.

She’s a creative at heart who loves finding opportunity in times of challenge. Who adores good design. Who sees how disparate pieces come together to create new strategy and ideas. And she overly nerds out about the Oxford comma. Stephanie and her wife have three children (13 and twins age 4). She is a mom first, above all things in life. She has a million stories about her kids on deck, ready to go in any situation and probably 5 or 6 pictures to go with them. She believes in in living and leading with your values, and is always trying to learn, expand her perspective, and be a better human than she was yesterday.

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