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As the world adjusts to life at home, children at home, parents and guardians being forced to home school for the first time, have you considered what life is like for children in foster care? What about the little boy down the street who is being abused, but it’s not been reported because the teacher who would normally report the situation is sheltering-at-home and she can’t see the bruises on his wrist or legs on Zoom?

When today’s guest shared that reports of child abuse have dropped by more than 70% in the last month, I was thrilled…until she explained why. Then, I was speechless.

Who is keeping an eye out for abused and neglected children during the shut down when the first-line of protectors don’t see them?

I’ll tell you. It’s people like Shaney Starr, the Executive Director of CASA of Marion County, Oregon. Shaney’s big heart and her unwavering faith compel her to advocate for children—those already in foster care or resettled with extended family and those at risk of abuse or neglect.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the important work that CASAs and GALs are doing across the United States to protect and advocate for abused and neglected children. You’ll also learn about how to become a CASA and why the need for volunteers is expected to grow.

We’ll also trace Shaney’s journey into nonprofit leadership that started back when she was a teenager and a leader in her church youth group.

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During our conversation, Shaney and I started talking how our faith strengthens us during times like this. We also got into politics, and then we discussed what happened when the PPP and EIDL funds ran out with big business receiving funding and life-saving nonprofits like CASA received nothing. Click below to listen to the bonus audio from this week’s podcast:

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Shaney Starr, MS, CFRM, has worked in the nonprofit sector for over twenty years in various roles. She hails from Pendleton, Oregon, home of the world famous Pendleton Round-Up! Shaney graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a minor is Speech Communications. After gaining real life working experience, she went back to graduate school where she obtained MS in Management and Organizational Leadership.

Connect with Shaney Starr on LinkedIn
🔗 Connect with Shaney on LinkedIn

Shaney is currently serving as Executive Director of CASA of Marion County in Salem, Oregon. She also currently serves as President of the Oregon CASA Network, Chair of the Marion County Commission on Children and Families, President of the Board for Joys of Living Assistance Dogs and as a member of both the Corner Peace and Community Resource Trust Board of Directors.

Shaney specializes in turning struggling nonprofits into organizations that develop and grow both in impact and populations served. She recently trained her adopted rescue Boxer as Oregon’s first Court Appointed Special Canine to attend court hearing with children who have suffered from abuse and neglect.

Shaney has been married to her best friend for 11 years and has 3 step daughters and one granddaughter. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and Lilly Mae, the CASA dog!

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