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Season {2} Episode {7}: Sharnette Lewis


Sharnette with Ollie Jo.

Sharnette Lewis, the Executive Director of Dogs Deserve Better, a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained or penned dog as well as helping the dog who is abused, neglected, homeless and abandoned. Their goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and help the dog find a home where they can live inside with a loving and caring family.

Dogs Deserve Better has multiple locations, and their main headquarters is located in Smithfield, Virginia on the property once owned by Michael Vick. During this interview, Sharnette shares the story of what they’ve done with the former dog fighting compound and how they have memorialized the dogs who died there. We also talk about how Dogs Deserve Better is working to break through cultural traditions and stereotypes to help people appreciate dogs as companions.

Please pay close attention to Sharnette’s words as they are sometimes hard to hear due to background noise. Her message is clear, powerful, and applicable across the sector, no matter what your mission is.

Season {2} Episode {7}: Sharnette Lewis
Sharnette with Freddy

You’ll walk away from this interview understanding why it’s so important that we, as nonprofit leaders, meet people where they are and build relationships with them to spark change.

It’s the genuine relationship that creates the circumstances conducive to change in behavior, attitude, and expectation. I can’t wait for you to meet Sharnette Lewis, a woman who has a heart for all animals and a passion to break the chains of dog abuse and neglect. Let’s get started.

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Season 2, Episode 7: Sharnette Lewis

About Sharnette Lewis

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Sharnette is a graduate of George Mason University and a long time advocate for animals. She’s had the privilege of working with a variety of companion animals as well as various species of wildlife. When she’s not caring for or advocating on behalf of animals, she is enjoying a thrilling documentary or at a dance class.

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Season {2} Episode {7}: Sharnette Lewis
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Season {2} Episode {7}: Sharnette Lewis

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