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Season {2} Episode {10}: Henry Burrell

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Today’s guest is Henry Burrell, the founder of the Jonesboro Business Association. Originally from New York, Henry relocated to Louisiana and now resides in Jonesboro, Arkansas—and we’ll talk a little bit about the difference between life in Queens as opposed to life in the South.

Here’s what you need to know about Henry. First and foremost, he is a successful businessman. He has been in the hospitality industry for decades developing leaders and pouring his life into his community. After moving to Jonesboro, he recognized a gap in the local business sector and began brainstorming how to fill it in such a way that the community would be stronger AND locally owned businesses would collaborate for a bigger impact — especially with the students in Jonesboro.

And isn’t that the way it happens with nonprofit Founders? They see a gap or a need, envision a way to address it while changing lives, and then they rally other leaders to join them for greater impact?! You should be nodding your head up and down right now, because that’s exactly how nonprofits get started.

I can’t wait for you to meet Henry and hear his story about what it’s like to develop leaders in both the for profit and nonprofit sectors of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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Season 2, Episode 10: Henry Burrell

About Henry Burrell

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As a Restaurant Operations professional, I have over 25 years of upward career growth in corporate side of the business. Specializing in strategic planning of market turn around, restaurant development, and bench planning. I lead through a collaborative approach with all key partners at all levels of the organization. Also a key to my success is the ability to leverage my coaching leadership style to develop people and teams.

I lead proficiency across a range of areas ensuring each can manage itself while maintaining organizational standards and budgets. I map out plans that guarantee maximized productivity from all areas of the organization. My past experiences in the field include development of top tier talent. I work directly with supervisors and managers individually and in regular meetings to cover departmental processes keeping the executive team informed of operations and ways to improve. I have been trusted to represent the brand at business events and functions. In one way or another I have been in the hospitality field for over 25 years and 11 of those have been in multi unit operations.

The challenge will be converting my prior experience to the world of nonprofits. What I feel is going to benefit me is the key word hospitality, which is simply” making people feel good and welcome” when they come to your organization. The goal is to ensure JBA does that at every level.

Season {2} Episode {10}: Henry Burrell

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Founder of Jonesboro Business Association
Phone:  870-882-4080

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